John Irving


27 April 1989

Jurisdiction: New South Wales

Details of Death:

About 2.25am on 27 April 1989 Constable Burgess was driving a caged Police vehicle in Booth Street Annandale. Constable Andrew Mortimer was observer in the vehicle and the pair were responding to an urgent call for assistance from Gaming Squad Police. At the intersection of Johnston Street the Police vehicle collided with a semi trailer and deflected onto a power pole. As a result of the accident Constable Andrew Mortimer suffered fractures to his ribs and jaw and Constable Burgess suffered severe head and internal injuries. Constable Burgess died about twelve hours later at the Prince Alfred Hospital. The Constable was born in 1960 and joined the New South Wales Police Service on 28 October 1985. At the time of his death he was stationed at Balmain.