Fundraising Policy

The Wall to Wall Ride and Remembering Mates Century Bike Ride are both significant fundraising events run by the National Police Foundation each year as events in the Police Week annual calendar.

Simply by taking part in one of these events, you are helping to raise funds to assist families and other dependants of Australian Police Officers who have been killed, disabled or otherwise injured in the line of duty.

Funds raised in our events are donated each year, to the nominated police legacy organisations in each State or Territory.

Our fundraising is conducted on the GoFundraise platform which allows individual participants to nominate which charity should receive their funds raised.  GoFundraise receipts are issued on behalf of the National Police Foundation at the time of the transaction.

Individuals can also choose to either set up an individual fundraising page with those funds being donated to their chosen charity or, they can make either one-off or regular donations.

It is important to remember that there are legal requirements for anyone undertaking fundraising activities in Australia.

You must have an Authority to Fundraise.  An Authority to Fundraise can either be issued by individual police legacies organisations or, they can be issued by the State / Territory Government in which you are planning to raise funds.

If you are a registered participant of one of our events, you are only authorised to conduct fundraising on the National Police Foundation’s GoFundraise platform.

If you plan to conduct any other form of fundraising, you must obtain an Authority to Fundraise either from your chosen police legacy organisation or, from your State or Territory Government.  Some fundraising activities such as raffles will require additional licences and permits from your State / Territory government.  Another consideration for any fundraising activity is appropriate insurance cover. Finally, the use of logos is not allowed without the written permission of the relevant organisations.