Albert George PRICE






Constables Cameron and Price arrested a Cingalese man named Johannes at his fruit shop for sly grog trading. On reaching the footpath Johannes said “Alright I go quiet”. By agreement with Constable Price, Constable Cameron released hold of Johannes and turned to re-enter the shop. He had walked barely three paces when he heard a scuffle behind him. On turning around he saw Johannes stumble onto the street. Constable Price was standing on the footpath. Johannes ran toward the middle of the street and Cameron gave chase. Upon nearing him Price called out “Look out he’s got a knife”. Johannes attempted to stab Cameron but on the arrival of another police officer he ran off. He was located and arrested in a nearby hotel. A Doctor soon arrived at the scene and found Price lying on his back in a pool of blood already dead. The Doctor found two wounds; one was precisely over the apex of the heart and another had penetrated the left lung. He believed that death would have occurred within sixty seconds. Constable Price after being stabbed warned his partner and then stepped back onto the footpath and quietly died. On Wednesday 28 March 1906 Johannes was convicted of murder and hanged at Brisbane Boggo Road jail on the 14 May 1906. Constable Albert George Price is buried in the old Mackay cemetery.

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