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On the 23 October 1889 Senior Constable Alfred Wavell was stationed at Corinda (now Domadgee) and was suffering severe fever possibly malaria. He received information that a man named Flick who was charged with attempted murder had escaped from the Normanton lock up and was heading south towards Lawn Hill. Although very weak and ill Wavell and two Black Trackers commenced after Flick riding for four days and over 200 miles. On the 27 October they located Flick near Lawn Hill Station. Flick reached Lawn Hill Station and barricaded himself inside the kitchen dinning room and began firing at Wavell Trackers and property staff. Wavell walked towards the building calling upon Flick to surrender. Flick suddenly appeared at a window and fired at Wavell hitting him in the chest. He was killed instantly. The property owner Frank Hann was also shot and seriously wounded although he recovered from the wounds. During the subsequent shoot out Flick was wounded but he escaped during the night in the middle of a thunderstorm. Next morning he was tracked towards a nearby gully. Another shoot out occurred and a young Aboriginal lad was shot dead by Flick. The party opened fire killing Flick. Senior Constable Wavell Flick and the Aboriginal boy are all buried on the edge of Lawn Hill Creek at Lawn Hill Station.

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