Senior Constable

Cecil Robert BAGLEY






At about 7.00pm on 14 February 1963 Alan Chapman was repairing his motor vehicle when an exploding light bulb and a scream was heard to come from his front yard. His neighbour was Senior Constable Cecil Bagley of the finger print section who with his wife climbed the fence and hurried to Chapman’s garage. They could see that Chapman was learning over the engine and the bonnet was resting on his head. An electric cord was leading down under the bonnet. Bagley warned Mrs. Chapman not to go near her husband or the vehicle but to immediately turn the electricity off at the power box. Bagley waited a short while then leant inside the car in an attempt to turn off the ignition. Unfortunately when he did so Mrs. Chapman had not yet turned off the main power supply. Bagley was himself electrocuted. Inquiries revealed the light bulb that was not covered had smashed and that the car became electrified due to the filament of the electric light bulb coming in contact with the metal chassis. The result being both victims received fatal shocks when they touched the vehicle. Senior Constable Bagley gave his life as a direct consequence of attempting to save the life of another. Senior Constable Bagley was cremated at Mt. Thompson Crematorium Brisbane.

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