On the 6 September 1894 Constables McLaughlin and Lanigan were searching for an Aboriginal called Jackie Norman for housebreaking. McLaughlin located Norman and during the arrest a mammoth wrestle broke out between the two. Norman managed to get possession of the revolver that McLaughlin had tucked inside his belt and fired at Lanigan as he rode towards him. McLaughlin straining and using every ounce of energy and effort finally managed to through Norman and hold him down. On looking around McLaughlin saw Lanigan staggering towards him with hands pressed against his breast. Lanigan looked at McLaughlin and gasped “Oh my God Mac I’m done for”. McLaughlin released Norman and immediately went to Lanigan’s aid however he died a short time later. Norman was later caught and convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to imprisonment for the term of his natural life. Constable McLaughlin was later treated for a ruptured vein as a result of excessive straining and struggling with Norman. On the 17 of October 1899 McLaughlin died when a cardiac channel burst in his heart. This was a result of the injuries he sustained in the arrest of Norman. He is buried in Toowoomba. Lanigan is buried at a small Irvanbank cemetery near Herberton in North Queensland.

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National Police Memorial Australia

  • The National Police Memorial is located in Kings Park on the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin adjacent to Queen Elizabeth II Island and the National Carrillion. View in Google maps