Senior Constable

Edward Mostyn WEBB-BOWEN




New South Wales


In November 1879 a gang of young bushrangers led by Andrew Scott (Captain Moonlite) attacked MacDonald’s farm at Wantabadgery holding the occupants captive for two days and nights. Eventually one of the captives Alexander MacDonald escaped rode to Wagga Wagga and alerted the police. A party of mounted police were quickly dispatched to the area and a gun battle ensued. During a lull in the shooting while the police retired to await reinforcements the gang managed to escape. They rode to nearby McGlede’s Farm where they again took siege in the farmhouse from the increasing numbers of police who attended from as far away as Gundagai and Adelong. Again a shootout ensued between the two sides. One young offender Gus Wernicke moved into the yard in an attempt to shoot the police horses and was quickly shot to death. In a further exchange of fire another bushranger James Nesbitt was also shot and killed by Senior Constable Webb-Bowen. During this last exchange Webb-Bowen was fatally shot in the throat. The Senior Constable was born in 1851 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 11 March 1875. At the time of his death he was stationed at Gundagai.

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