First Constable

George William CARTER






First Constable George William John Carter, register number 9297, joined Victria Police on 26 July 1938. Carter had a successful police career, ultimately joining the the Mobile Traffic Section and becoming a police motor cycle rider. About 10:00am 28 December, 1949 Carter was on duty riding a police motor cycle south on Malvern Road, Malvern East, approaching the intersection with Winton Road. Winton Road runs east off Malvern Road. At that time George Miller was driving his car north in Malvern Road, attempting to turn right into Winton Road. In doing so, cut in front of Carter’s south bound motorcycle. Carter braked and his motor cycle collided with the front of Miller’s car. Carter was thrown to the road and rendered unconscious. Carter was bedridden from the time of the accident and never returned to work. When Carter was first admitted to hospital he was found to have ‘many severe fractures and other injuries’. The medical report further stated “An immediate operation was performed with plating fractures left radius and ulna and reduction of the elbow dislocation. The ear, which was completely severed, was turned back. Subsequent to the operation, he showed paralysis of the right arm and right leg with tension disturbances of the left side of the body. There was suqsequent re-dislocation of the left elbow with occurrences of myositis ossificaris. The Police Medical Officer, Sir Victor HURLEY, visited Carter at the Alfred Hospital on 4 January 1950 where he consulted with the doctors in charge of Carter’s case. He describes Carter as having been very ill for some weeks and too sick to be moved at this time. On 31 March 1952, Carter was discharges from Victoria Police. On 21 July 1952 Carter died at the Austin Hospital.

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