Senior Constable





New South Wales


On Saturday, 2 January 2021, Jennifer Qi and Senior Constable Kelly Foster were part of a group with another ten persons on a guided tour of Wollangambe One Canyon.

Around the halfway point of the canyon, Qi was navigating the waterways.  A whirlpool has for unknown reasons, opened in the water near Qi.  This whirlpool was noticed by another canyoner but was small at the time.  Qi slipped off her water device (lilo) at the whirlpool and never resurfaced.

The alarm was raised and Senior Constable Foster made her way to the whirlpool where Qi disappeared.  She tried to grab onto Qi to rescue her.  Unfortunately, in doing this, Senior Constable Foster was also sucked into the whirlpool and did not surface.

Attempts were made with ropes to assist both Qi and Senior Constable Foster to no avail.  They were found further down the creek and are believed to have drowned in the water.

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