Senior Constable

Lyle Maxwell HOEY






On 2 November 1975 at 1.15am witnesses saw a man removing an 18-galon keg of beer from the yard of a hotel and place it in the boot of his car. They followed the car until it turned onto the Rex Highway just south of Mossman. The witnesses returned to Mossman and reported the matter to police. Senior Constable Lyle Hoey at Mt Molloy was contacted to intercept the vehicle and detain the suspects. After travelling some distance Hoey stopped the police vehicle on the side of the road leaving his parking lights on and the headlights on dim. The police vehicle was not fitted with any blue flashing warning devices nor was there any reflectorised safety vests on issue. At 1.45am the suspect vehicle was spotted by Senior Constable Hoey. He began waving his torch to stop it. The driver saw the roadblock and realising exactly what it was deliberately aimed his vehicle at Hoey and struck him as he stood beside the police car. The driver made no attempt whatsoever to either reduce speed or stop. Senior Constable Hoey was taken to the Mossman District Hospital by ambulance but he was dead on arrival from head injuries and multiple fractures. The driver was acquitted of murder but found guilty of manslaughter. He was sentenced to five years imprisonment. The Crown appealed and the sentence was increased to seven years. Senior Constable Hoey is buried in the Cairns lawn cemetery.

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