Michael Leslie LOW






At 6.17pm 29 February 1984 a 000-phone call was received at the Rockhampton communications room regarding a complaint of aggravated assault. Constable Michael Low and his partner Derek Pickless were directed to attend. The suspect was Glen Douglas Reuter a mentally disturbed Vietnam veteran who earlier in the day had attended court on minor matters. On arrival at the suspect’s address Constable Low knocked on the door. His partner heard a shot and the breaking of glass. He saw Constable Low fall backwards resting on his back with blood spurting from the left side of his chest. Pickless dragged Low behind a nearby retaining wall out of view from the doorway. Pickless ran to the police car and called for urgent assistance. As he was about to return to Low he saw a male person standing beside the driver’s side door with a shot-gun held across his chest. At this time the male person brought the gun around and pointed it at him. Constable Pickless brought his revolver up and said “Drop it you bastard”. Reuter quickly ducked behind a retaining wall. Pickless ran back to Low putting his hand on Low’s chest to try and stem the bleeding. Shots were exchanged between Constable Pickless and Reuter who was now back inside the unit. From inside the unit a woman was heard crying and appeared to be in a distressed state. Other police soon arrived however the shotgun blast received by Constable Low proved to be fatal he died before medical assistance could be rendered. Reuter committed suicide his body was found on a bedroom floor inside his unit. Constable Pickless was awarded the George Medal for his actions. Constable Low as laid to rest in the Gympie cemetery.

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