Senior Constable

Peter Graham John KIDD






In the early hours of 29 July 1987, police officers from the Tactical Response Group raided a house in the Brisbane suburb of Virginia to apprehend Queensland’s number one most wanted criminal. Intelligence gathered prior to the operation indicated that the offender, who had an extensive criminal history, was heavily armed and would not hesitate to shoot at police if in danger of being captured. Intelligence also indicated that the offender was about to commit further violent crimes with a high risk of loss of life or severe injury to members of the public. Senior Constable Kidd was the first member of an assault team undertaking the raid to enter the house. The team members had only their weapon-mounted torches for light. As Senior Constable Kidd approached the closed door to the main bedroom, the offender opened fire through the closed door and Senior Constable Kidd received two gunshot wounds to the chest. Despite his wounds and without regard to his own safety, Senior Constable Kidd then opened the door, entered the room and fired his weapon at the offender. Whilst doing so, Senior Constable Kidd received three more gunshot wounds and fell to the floor. The offender, who continued to fire through the doorway and severely wounded a second police officer, was shortly over powered by other team members who charged into the room. Senior Constable Kidd later died in hospital from the massive wounds he had received. Senior Constable Kidd’s actions in proceeding into the room after being shot ensured the success of the operation and almost certainly prevented a siege situation which could have resulted in further loss of life. By his actions, Senior Constable Kidd displayed exceptional bravery and was posthumously awarded the Valour Award.

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