Richard B MILLS




Western Australia


Constable Mills, stationed at Katanning, refused a gun licence to Eric Thew, a young farmhand. On 12th March 1955 at a sports meeting in Pingrup, Mills asked Thew if he used the name of Patrick and if he possessed a sub-machine gun. Thew denied this but Const. Mills was not satisfied and took Thew back to the farm at Nyabing. When Mills found a revolver, Thew got his boss’ rifle and shot Mills in the face. Mills was able to get up to look for a telephone in the lounge but Thew returned and shot him several times, killing him. Thew took Mills’ car but later drove to Dumbleyong Police Station to give himself up. He was sentenced to death on July 7th 1955 but this was commuted to life imprisonment. Const. Mills joined the police service on the 30th of August 1947.

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