Samuel William LONG




New South Wales


In the early hours of 19 January 1903 Theodore Trautwein the licensee of the Royal Hotel at Auburn was awakened by a loud noise. The sound had appeared to come from the bar area of the hotel and taking a revolver with him Trautwein went to investigate. In the bar he saw and heard a person lying on the floor apparently in great pain. As other residents of the hotel appeared a candle was lit and it was found that the injured person was a local Constable Samuel Long. A doctor was called and it was found that the Constable had suffered a severe gunshot wound to his head. He died a short time later unable to identify his attacker. A lengthy investigation eventually revealed that the Constable had been shot whilst trying to apprehend two offenders Grand and Jones whom he had caught after they had broken into the hotel. After the shooting the offenders had escaped by horse and sulky. Both offenders were hanged on 7 July 1903. The Constable was born in 1865 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 6 July 1894. At the time of his death he was stationed at Auburn.

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