Senior Constable

Travers Lovell House WEAVER




New South Wales


On the 25th June 1968, Senior Constable WEAVER was one of a group of Commonwealth Police Officers who responded to the Commonwealth Centre, Sydney, NSW where 150 students were protesting National Service ad the Vietnam War in the corridors and National Service Office on the third floor.  Here protestors had barricaded themselves using heavy furniture, preventing police entry.

At 17:10 hours, Senior Constable WEAVER and attending officers began removing protestors from the corridors, requiring officers to carry the students to a lift and down a footpath.  The protestors made removal efforts more difficult by linking arms, creating an arduous working environment for police.

To remove protestors from the office, a dozen Commonwealth Police, including Senior Constable WEAVER, were required to scale and drag the heavy barricades away before carrying the uncooperative protestors out and down to the ground floor.

It was while undertaking this task outside of the lift at 17:45 hrs that Senior Constable WEAVER collapsed and died.

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