William HARVEY






On Sunday 1st February 1852 Edward Adams went to the Buninyong Police Camp and asked Trooper John Goldman for the return of two cases he had lent him. Goldman was a volatile person who was quick to take offence and he refused the request. Adams then spoke to Goldman’s superior officer Corporal William Harvey. Corporal Harvey went to Trooper Goldman’s tent and again Goldman refused to return the property. When Corporal Harvey bent down to pick up the cases Goldman told him a number of times not to. He then picked up a pistol cocked it and aimed it at the Corporal. Adams who was also present fled from the tent then heard a shot and saw Corporal Harvey stagger from the tent and collapse. As Adams ran to raise the alarm Trooper Goldman fled the scene. It was found that Corporal Harvey was fatally injured and he died within 24 hours. Nothing more was heard of Goldman until 18th April 1853 when he was located amongst a party of timber cutters in the Plenty Ranges and arrested. Goldman was later found guilty by a jury and sentenced to hang. The sentence was commuted to fifteen years hard labour on the night before the execution.

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